Solicitor to write will wicklow - Conor Maguire SolicitorsHere at Conor Maguire and Co Solicitors we consider the preparation of a Will at the earliest possible opportunity an essential for all our clients. No matter what age our clients are we advise them to prepare a Will so as in the unlikely event of death at a young age their estate will be administered in accordance with their wishes as opposed to in accordance with statute. For some clients the preparation of a Will is in fact an essential part of a larger tax planning process and an opportunity to administer their assets in the most tax efficient way possible on their death. Indeed in some cases when advising a client in relation to the preparation of a Will we will pass our clients on to selected tax planners who specialise in dealing with high networth individuals. We are however happy to do the simplest of Wills which form the majority of the Wills which we hold within the practise. We offer a very competitive rate for married couples with a young family in the preparation of a standard husband and wife Will.